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Given her upbringing, New Orleans-bred Dawn seems to have been destined
for a music career. Her mother owned a dance studio, while her father was
a keyboardist who played in the R&B band Chocolate Milk (which opened for
Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire and other luminaries). Her mom's talent
and her dad's gigs ignited in Dawn an unquenchable desire to perform. She
studied tap, jazz, ballet and hip-hop dance and became a cheerleader for
the New Orleans Hornets before joining the group Angelique, which toured
the South supporting singer Anthony Hamilton. "The girls call me the
passion in the group," she reveals. "When I'm on stage, I become someone
else. That's when I can be wild, sexy, crazy and passionate. I leave
everything at the mic."

California native Aundrea was singing rancheros and other song forms by the
time she was old enough to talk, and by age eight she was a fixture in her
church's choir. Roles in school plays followed, and in her teens she began
recording in a studio and joined the pop ensemble Intrigue. It was with this
group that her love of stage performance fully blossomed. The youngest in her
tight-knit family, Aundrea headed home whenever possible during breaks in the
shooting of "Making the Band 3."

Shannon hails from Portland, Ore and has been an avid singer and dancer since
childhood. She learned a great deal about performing with a group when she
became a Portland Trailblazers cheerleader at age 19. Eclectic in her musical
taste, she expresses admiration for acts as far afield as Aerosmith and Garth
Brooks. The only member of Danity Kane who sports a wedding ring, Shannon
attributes some of the poise and confidence her bandmates have praised in her to
the bond she enjoys with her spouse. "He's so positive," she declares of her
husband, a fellow dancer. "He helps me push myself."

D. Woods
"I've done musical theater and dramatic stage productions, interned at Power 105
in New York, appeared in commercials and music videos, and toured as a dancer
with major recording artists," reveals D. Woods. "I've tried it all, because I
like to stay busy." Since her earliest days growing up in Springfield, Mass.,
she's been enamored of every aspect of performance; over the years she's studied
modern, ballet, hip-hop and West African dance, undergone intensive voice training,
developed her songwriting skills and educated herself about the business. A fan
of Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z, among many others, she's equally at home
with hip-hop and classic soul.

At age three, Aubrey stepped onstage - and never looked back. Reared in the
sun-soaked confines of Palm Springs, Calif., she appeared in productions of
virtually every major musical production (including "Annie," "The Sound of Music,"
"A Chorus Line," "Fiddler on the Roof" and "The Wizard of Oz"). She won a slew of
honors for both singing and acting in various talent competitions before attending
the University of California at Irvine. Her post-graduation international travels took
her to Asia, India and South Africa, among other places, and moved her to become
involved in charitable works. In addition to volunteering in battered women's shelters
and refugee centers and serving as a Big Sister, she founded the organization Fight
AIDS Now (FAN). "The stage has taught me the things I value most: compassion, patience,
and eternal love for anything or anyone expressive and unrestrained," she says.

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